Announcement: CS Games 2016

  Posted on 29/06/2015 Posted by CS Games


Hello Humans,

This is the message you’ve been impatiently waiting for. The next edition of our beloved competition is going to be hosted at UQÀM (More specifically in the Pierre-Dansereau Science Complex).

We will be waiting for you on March 11th for an unforgettable weekend.

The theme has aleady been selected; we can’t wait to share it with you!

As you know, each year’s CS Games (from theme to challenges) is influenced by the hosting school. If you already want to start looking for what kind of challenges we might come up with, you should take a look at .

Feel free to write to [email protected] for any information!

Organising Group:

Alexandre Leblanc, VP of Infrastructures
Alexandre Terrasa, Deputy President
Istvan Szalai, VP of Parties
Julien Zakaib, VP of Competitions
Kerby Geffrard, VP of Logistics
Lucas Bajolet, VP of Competitions
Marc-André Allard, VP of Finance
Nicolas Papanicolaou, VP of Logistics
Philippe Pépos Petitclerc, President
Romain Chanoir, VP of Communication/Volunteer
Simon Garnier, VP of Communication/Sponsors

We would like to thank USherbrooke for setting the bar high with last year’s edition.

You’re too excited and can’t wait? Go see last year’s CS Games Wrap Up video!