Being part of the CS Games family doesn’t only bound to be a participant, it’s way more then that. The CS Games family is anyone that as been part of the event in one way or an other. It is participants, former participants (alumni), volunteer, organisation team, and more.

How can I still be part of it as a graduate student?

Have you heard of the alumni sponsoring?
You can match up with a team from your university, get people from your university to create a team and participate. This gives you the chance to come back to the CS Games, where you can coach and help your team with your knowledge and your CS Games experience.

Help the organisation! Volunteer!

During the event, you all know it, it is important and most of all fun when everything is flowing and efficient, in order to keep the participants happy and the organisation team. In order to achieve that, there is a big need in volunteer. They might fall in the shadow of the event, but they are the ones making the magic happen. More there are volunteer, easier it will be to have an efficient organisation. Therefore, being part of the volunteer team is a really great way to be part of the CS Games.