CS Games 2018 x ULAVAL

  Posted on 02/09/2017 Posted by CS Games

Hi everyone!

Summer is in full swing right now and if your summer activities haven’t prevented you from following the CS Games Facebook page, you’re probably already aware of the news. For the other members of the community, we are very proud to officially announce that CS Games 2018 will be held in Quebec city at Laval University!

The organizing committee is already busy preparing so that the 16th edition will really live up to your expectations! We are proud to introduce our committee members who are all motivated to make the next edition of the CS Games amazing.

President : Ian Létourneau ([email protected])
VP and Lore : Charles-André Beaudry ([email protected])
VP Communication : Camille Béland ([email protected])
VP Sponsors : Myriam Moar ([email protected])
VP Logistics : Jérôme Cossette ([email protected])
VP Competitions : Yohan Caron ([email protected])
VP Finances : Bruno C.Coulombe ([email protected])
VP Infra : Julien Morissette ([email protected])

Don’t hesitate to contact any member of the team directly, we’ll be glad to answer your questions, comments or ideas! For more general information, I invite you to write to [email protected].

Last three things for now…

  1. To help us for university recruitment, if you’ll be the person in charge of your university’s delegation in 2018 or if you know this person, write to [email protected] with the delegation lead’s name and your university
  2. Do you know a potential sponsor or are you interested in sponsoring us? Contact Myriam Moar directly.
  3. Follow the CS Games Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest news before anyone else.

We look foward seeing you soon!