At GSoft, they build simple software solutions that help companies tap into their full potential. With their products, they support thousands of businesses in their mission to improve work as they know it. And speaking of missions, GSoft is pretty clear: to shape the companies of tomorrow.

That’s exactly what they’ve been doing for the last 13 years in the world of cloud tech and HR with our two flagship products, ShareGate and Officevibe. Companies like
Microsoft, Bose and IKEA are clients and their presence in more than 100 countries allows GSoft to continue innovating from our home base in Montreal. Thankfully, GSoft is stronger and more independent than ever.

But most importantly, GSoft is a team of 300 strong with a desire to play a key role in society. As far as they’re concerned, that involves supporting students (like you) in their professional growth. Because there’s so much more to this field than just tech. And
some things are simply better learned outside the classroom. GSoft got your back.

For more information, it’s here.