Flash Out

So you want to leave your mark at the CS Games or intimidate other teams from the very beginning? The “Flash Out” contest consists of preparing a short video, animation or slide-show presenting your school’s team(s). It will be placed on the CS Games official web site and will also be shown during the event.

Why should you do this instead of that big term project? If fame and recognition are not enough, note that the video or animation will be worth participation points which count in your overall standing. Note that we require a minimum degree of quality in any submission, generally defined as you won’t be ashamed of your submission should you present it to 300 people.

Important Rules

  • Maximum duration 2 minutes + 1 minute per extra team (e.g. 3 minutes for a school with 2 teams)
  • Submit 1 Flashout per school not per team.
    If you absolutely do not want to be associated with your fellow teams, then go ahead and submit your own. But everyone will know there are unhealthy social tensions within your shool…
  • You must BOTH upload your video on YouTube AND and provide a video file to [email protected]. Add the link to your YouTube video on your Team’s page, in the appropriate section.
  • Submissions are graded by other teams.
  • Make sure audio is clear. We strongly recommend subtitles.