Prices & Rules



Registration is 200$ per participant, taxes included. Some rebates apply:

  • Early bird: save 20$ per participant when you register during the Early Bird presale.
  • New school: save 20$ per participant if your school has not participated in the CS Games in the past 3 years.

This price includes:

  • 3 nights at the hotel
  • Meals, snacks and coffee from Friday’s supper to Monday’s breakfast


  1. Your team must have between 7 and 10 members.
  2. Your participating team must be composed of only undergraduate students.
  3. There can only be two teams coming from the same university.
  4. Your registration fees must have been paid in full prior to the event.
  5. You must comply with the hotel’s and the university’s code of conduct.
  6. Your team members must not use their skills to access private information or to disrupt the event.
  7. Harassment of sponsors and/or personnel will not be tolerated. Any team member caught doing so will disqualify their team