What to bring

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the things you should bring along with you during the weekend:

  • Personal effects for three days
  • Laptop (at least one per team, but having more will only help you)
  • Power cords and network cables (CAT-5)
  • Router or switch with cables preferably
  • Textbooks (useful, but they’re not allowed during any competition)
  • Calculator, paper, pencils, etc
  • Canadian money
  • Warm clothes, in case of cold weather
  • Sportswear if you are participating in the sports competition (or if there’s a chance you will replace someone in sports)
  • Cellphone or a camera if you are participating in the scavenger hung competition
  • USB Controller (to be plugged in a PC) if you are participating in the gaming competition (minimum one per team of two, but having one per person is better)
  • Formal wear for the banquet
  • Snacks and drinks to keep you running for the whole weekend!
  • Your costume to fit in the theme (Friday 0XD – Superstition)!